Overall Best In Show and Best in Show-Advanced:Mike Lodermeier

Judges Pick: Carol Leavy

Judges Pick: Phil Gentry

Best In Show – Intermediate: James S. Kasprovich

Best In Show – Novice: Thomas Fisher

Category Winners

Advanced Class
Intermediate Class
Novice Class
Youth (14 and under) Class

Category Winners – Advanced

Realistic Human – Phil Gentry

Human Caricatures – Phil Gentry

Animal Caricatures – Sarajane Snyder

Caricature Group – Phil Gentry

Realistic Animals – Kay Gabriel

Realistic Fish – Edward Mueller

Realistic Fish Group-Charlie Dutter

Stylized – Kay Gabriel

Song Birds – Ray Reas

Waterfowl – Mike Lodermier

Game Birds-Ray Claussen

Birds of Prey – Ray Claussen

All Other Birds – Gene Bengel

Chip Carving In the Round – Charlene Lynum

Chip Carving Flat – Charlene Lynum

Relief Carving Low – Dylan Goodson

Relief Carving Deep – Dylan Goodson

Relief Carving Low Colored-Carol Leavy

Relief Carving Deep Color-T.G. Kautz

Pyrography Natural – Brenda Lodermeier

Pyrography Colored – Echo Keller

Santas – Mike Lodermeier

Religious / Angels – Russel Scott

Mythical – Richard Zakoski

Walking Sticks / Canes – Richard Zakoski

Floral – Greg Wirtz

Miniatures – Greg Wirtz

Miscellaneous – Edward Mueller

Bark Carving – Barbara Behm

Unusual Wood – Mary Staeben

Gourds – Keith Melzer

Treenware – Richard Young

Ornaments – Al Pilsl

Decoys – Jim Balzer

Instructor Assisted – Phil Gentry

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Show Winners – Intermediate

Realistic Human – Richard Frels

Human Caricatures – Bob Tamillo

Animal Caricatures – John Drews

Caricature Group – John Overby

Realistic Animals – John Marion

Realistic Fish – Rodney Manthey

Stylized – John Marion

Song Birds- James Kasprovich

Waterfowl – Rick Pacyna

Birds of Prey – James Kasprovich

Chip Carving in the Round – Linda Reas

Chip Carving Flat – Linda Reas

Relief Carving Deep – Maureen Lechner

Pyrography Natural – Sue Pilsl

Pyrography Colored – Sue Pilsl

Santas – John Overby

Religious / Angels – Maureen Lechner

Mythical – John Overby

Floral – John Marion

Miscellaneous – James Kasprovich

Unusual Wood – Richard Frels

Treenware – Cheryl Gustafson

Ornaments – John Overby

Decoys – Jerry Stremkowski

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Category Winners – Novice

Realistic Human-Kay Durrant

Human Caricatures – Tom Taylor

Animal Caricatures – Elmer Keil

Caricature Group – Terry Bauer

Realistic Animals – Carolyn Hahn

Realistic Fish – Patti Heideman

Realistic Fish Group – Patti Heideman

Stylized – Randall S. Jahn

Song Birds – Gary Kerwitz

Waterfowl – Thomas Fisher

Birds of Prey – Thomas Fisher

All Other Birds – Patti Heideman

Chip Carving in the Round – Daniel M. Petterson

Relief Carving Low Natural – Tom Kissner

Relief Carving Low Colored – Terry Bauer

Relief Carving Deep – Lee Halverson

Pyrography Natural – Jack Kumm

Pyrography Colored – Susan Vannoy

Santas – Kay A. Durrant

Religious / Angels – William A Ferg Jr.

Mythical – Theodore E. Waite

Walking Sticks / Canes – Wallace Raymer

Miniatures – Libby Wirtz

Miscellaneous – Carol Otto

Bark Carving – Scott Butler

Unusual Wood – Andy Ecker

Gourds – JoAnn Jepson

Treenware – JoAnn Jepson

Ornaments – Tarry Trepasso

Decoys – Randall S. Jahn

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Category Winners – Youth

Youth 14U – Bristol Raymer

Youth 15 to 17 – Jordin Teal

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